The purpose of this strategy is to gain a large increase in your economy early in the game, allowing the player to focus on whatever tactic they would like to us to crush their opponents.

Having a huge economy means you can pump out large amounts of units in a quick fashion.

How do you accomplish getting such a large economy before your opponents? MASS CONVERSION!

Obtain the Mass Converter/Energy ConversionEdit

Depending on what faction you are playing as, you will need to have an understanding of your faction's Tech Tree. All factions have access to the conversion abilities at some point, but it's important to focus on getting this as soon as possible.


  • Playing as the UEF is the most difficult to get the converter early. At the onset of the match, BEFORE YOU BUILD ANYTHING, immediately spend your tech points on the Structure Research tree to allow you to build structures quicker, and faster (the first two research options at the top).
  • Command your ACU to build a Mass Extractor, and have each Engineer build Mass Extractors as well. Queue your builds at this point, with your ACU building 2 or 3 (I prefer 3) Research Stations, one of your Engineers to build the 4th Mass Extractor, and the other Engineer to build Energy Generators (preferably 2). Continue to build up your base at this point, focusing on generating a LOT of Energy Generators and Research Stations.
  • When you obtain 4 Research points, spend these immediately to increase your Research 20%.
  • When you obtain another 7 points, increase your Mass
  • When you obtain another 5 points, unlock the Mass Converter.
  • Build two Mass Converters at this point, and start spending all the Energy to generate a LOT of Mass!

Cybran & Illuminate

  • Same as the UEF, except their tech trees are slightly different. Again, using the same build order as above focus on getting the Mass Converter or Energy Conversion ability (Cybran) as soon as possible.

So you've got a ton of Mass, what do you build?Edit

Anything you want! When you've got this much economy going on you can spam build anything. Land units? Air Units? Research Stations? Build them all, and build lots of them! The only problem with this strategy is it leaves you open to early rush attacks. Try to focus on doing this strategy on some of the larger maps.

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