Dr. Brackman (age 48) 001

Dr. Brackman at the age of 48.

Dr. Gustaf Brackman is the leader, and metaphoric 'father' of the Cybran Nation. Dr. Brackmans age is calcuated is be 1,073 years old, as its states that he is 1,048 during the events of Forged Alliance, plus the 25 years of peace celebrated after the Infinite War. Dr. Brackman is arguably the most famous person in the galaxy, after his 'twining process' of fusing an AI to a human host, created the Cybran Nation.


After the creaton of the Symbionts through his twining proccess, Dr. Brackman was force to install 'loyalty programing' into the Symbionts by the ruthless UEF. With the Symbionts 'enslaved' Dr. Brackman revolted, by taking his most precious Symbionts and fleeing to the furtherest reachs of space to create the fearsome Cybran Nation. Some time after his death, in his early 300s, Dr. Brackman, with the aid of his Cybran allies, removed his brain and spinal cord and placed them in a oxygen-rich amniotic solution. Dr. Brackman successfully cheated death, but now can only talk through a direct line.

After the launch of Black Sun, and the arrival of the Seraphim, Brackman is forced to make an un-easy alliance with the Aeon and UEF to counter the alien invasion. After the event of that, during the 25 years of peace, Brackman starts work on his new Proto-brain technology on a donated human test subject, who will turn out to be WIlliam Gauge. With this success, Brackman creates an exowomb with an un-named female donor (rumoured to be Ivanna Dostya, but could be just named after her for the results masterful tactics in warfare) and successfully created a son, named Ivan Brackman. Dr. Brackman uses his 3.11 Version of the software on Ivan, which is a success. Dr. Brackman has successfully completed the genetic construction on a limitlessly powerful commander, his son.

Throughout the Cybran campaign, Dr. Brackman aids Ivan in his journey throughout the story. They frequently show a father/son relation, sharing arguments and 'touching family moments'. He also admires Ivan's skills in battle, at first being hesitant at letting him command his own personal ACU. Despite his admiration, Dr. Brackman still admits to some problems and modifications he will have to employ on his Proto-brain technology, such as Ivans frequent acts of enthusiasm and rebellious attitude to some of his fathers specific orders, such as the detonation of Shiva Prime. He is also prone to use the phrase 'oh yes' whenever he is uniquly confronted by a specific task or rather enjoying scientific spectical or event.

Overall, Dr. Brackman is a very curious man, possessing extreme amounts of potiental for discovering anything that is of scientific value to 'the good of mankind'.

End of CreditsEdit

Dr. Brackman is seen with Commander Gauge at his own personal laboratory at a secret location. While Brackman and Gauge are arguing about the potiental dangers of some sort of experiment, it is seen that Gauge is standing in front of Dr. Brackman in his tank with what has been rumoured to be a Seraphim brain. From what happens after, it is suspected that he somehow, merged his own brain with that of a Seraphim. As this happens, Dr. Brackman asks Gauge, 'Are you ready for a new adventure?', igniting the flame of hope for fans globally, as a teaser for Supreme Commander 3.

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