Commander Dominic "Migraine" Maddox, aged 31, is the main character of the UEF campaign.
Dominic Maddox

Supreme Commander 2 Game Manual Background InformationEdit

Dominic Maddox was born on the UEF Prime World Seton. A military brat, he followed his father George Maddox and his mother Susan through various deployments across the galaxy. His parents were staunch UEF supporters, with a strong dislike of the Cybrans and Illuminate due to their growing up during—and in his father's case, participating in—the Infinite War.

Dominic ranked extremely high in the military aptitude tests given to all UEF citizens and joined the military when he turned 18. After basic training, he attended Coalition Commander School on Altair II, a former Aeon core world that had welcomed UEF settlements after the Coalition was formed.

After school, Dominic met and married a moderate Illuminate teacher named Annika Koenig. While the Coalition had no policies against cross-factional relationships, most members of the UEF still frowned upon such things. While Annika's parents welcomed Dominic into their family, Dominic's parents felt betrayed and disowned their only son.

Two years after their marriage, Dominic and Annika had a son. They named him George, after Dominic's father. On hearing the news of their grandson's birth, Dominic's parents broke down and apologized for their previous bigotry. Unfortunately, they were tragically killed in an accident shortly after they visited their grandson George and Annika's family for their first and only time.

Though Dominic's direct superiors are aware of his marriage and family, most of them are unaware of his wife's religion and factional status. He's less concerned about people discovering his wife's religion than he is with how it's affecting her to keep it a secret because he fears that they might threaten and harm her. Because of this, Dominic is now thinking about a way to gracefully exit the military so they can raise their child in a more welcoming and open environment.

Campaign HistoryEdit

Dominic starts out in the U.E.F. campaign as yet just another U.E.F. commander, fulfilling the orders of the ruthless Colonel Rodgers. Though, after the third U.E.F. campaign mission, the operation in the Weddel Strait of the Frozen Plains, Maddox's revolt against Rodgers is sparked by Rodgers order of an attack on New Cathedral, the colony of which his wife and son reside. Maddox's purpose is drastically changed, as he refuses numerous orders to stand down his ACU, and embarks of his noble campaign to defend New Cathedral.

After his elimination of Coleman, Maddox then is shocked by the nuking of New Cathedral by Commander Lynch. His anger for the supposed 'loss' of his wife and child, ignites Maddox's inner rage and he ruthlessly defeats Lynch and proceeds to kill Rodgers. Maddox succeeds and kills Rodgers by making the Reactor Core of a Generation IX reactor at the Coalition Commander Centre on Altair II go nuclear, sending 'a few hundred tonnes of concrete' plummeting down on Rodgers. Unfortunately this plan back-fires, as a stealth field protecting the sacred portal to Shiva Prime is deactivated, which sparks the beginning of the Illuminate campaign.

At the beginning of the last Illuminate mission, Thalia Kael arrives at the portal to Shiva Prime, near the Coalition Command Center, on Altair II, to see Maddox in a feud with a Cybran, U.E.F and an Illuminate commander, over control of the portal. Thalia then believes that 'Gauge is here' as nuclear missiles strike the other three commanders, beginning the battle between Thalia and Maddox verses the other three commanders. After they soundly defeat them, Gauge nukes them both and enters the portal. After quickly Hunkering, Maddox and Thalia prepare to defend against more Royal Guardians as Gauge beams towards Seraphim VII.

Ivan Brackman, Maddox's former roommate, soon enters the battle between his two old friends and three Royal Guardians, during the 4th Cybran mission. Maddox then guides Ivan to his 'prime target 'and Ivan flexes his mighty muscles of strategic warfare. Ivan then swiftly defeats the three commanders and enters the portal to Shiva Prime, leaving Maddox and Thalia to defend the portal.

Playing as Maddox in the first part of the campaign, he's forced to kill two in-game commanders, Coleman & Lynch, both U.E.F. He then kills Rodgers in the final cut-scene of the campaign.

Ivan's speech cut-sceneEdit

During the Ivan's speech cut-scene, Maddox is seen returning to his family with a slight limp in his leg, and hugging his wife Annika. He's seen at a house which has either survived the actions of Commander Lynch at the Battle of New Cathedral, or in another undisclosed location.

He is still in the UEF/Colonial coalition military as a Major General, instead of accepting an honorable discharge as originally thought because the UEF and Aeon Illuminate militaries thought that with his high rank, he could be the commander of the forces in the sector that Aeon and UEF share so long as he could be more open about his environment and his family. While the UEF accepted this as a way to better relations between itself and the Aeon, things remain tense due to the rogue UEF forces attacking without sanction.

Overall, it's hoped that Major General Maddox continues to remain an impartial mediator willing to consider both sides of any UEF/Aeon disputes in the days to come.