UUX0115UEF Disruptor Station
Uef disruptor
Uef icon experimental generic Experimental Quantum Distortion Artillery
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Build Costs
Mass32 Energy32 Time32
1140 3850 190
Experience 4500
11350 (+29/sec)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 28
Research Info
8 Research32
19 Research32
Unlocked By Artillery Weapon Range
Weapon: Disruptor Cannon
Artillery - Projectile
DPS 300
Projectile  Damage
Damage radius
Salvo Size
Reload time
4 Projectiles
10 seconds
Range (min - max) 50 - 750

The Disruptor Station Experimental Quantum Distortion Artillery is a UEF major experimental artillery station which fires 4 artillery shells at a time. The shells can also have a short stun effect if the player enables the Disruptor icon (cost: 1000 energy, 5 sec. stun). This stun effect stops enemy units from moving, producing resources, and all other production. This stun effect does not stack (Eg. 4 hits still equals 5 sec. stun), but the effects can overlap consecutively if the shots strike with good timing (Eg. 12 seconds of stun from three staggered impacts)

The Disruptor station has a slightly longer range than the UEF Long range artillery, and moderately longer range than the Cybran Long range artillery.

The Disruptor station is more cost effective, has higher Hp & Regen & and occupies less map space than 4 Long range artillery. Note that while it costs more than a Heavy Artillery, the amount of research points required to get either units are the same.

The Disruptor also shares the same maximum range as the Noah, so if you're going deep into the Structure tree, build both, then soften up the area with the Disruptor and finish off any stragglers with units fired by the Noah. If you do this, remember to turn off the Disruptor's attack before you launch the Noah, else you may end up pummeling your own units. Note that on most maps with a 20-minute rush timer you can feasably eliminate a single opponent in under 5 minutes (after the timer expires) with this tactic, but if this fails, you'll likely have no army of your own and weak defences, so this is something of a "make it or break it" strategy. Against 2 or more opponents, this is suicide, since you may destroy one opponent but his/her ally will easily be able to pick you off. If you join a multiplayer room of 3 or more this isn't advised as the first thing you research as defenses will increase your chance of getting one of these up and keeping it while being completely invulnerable. If you use artillery and no one else does ask them to help defend you as you get base defenses researched and turrets put up as this will make almost any structure into a good base defence.If you are playing against another UEF commander make sure that they don't have a Noah Unit Cannon or this could get them an early finish as the disruptor takes a lot of resources to build.

Disruptor vs LRArtillery

The result of 5 simultaneously fired Disruptor Stations (Left) versus the same for Long Range Artillery (Right).

One strategy to end the match is to first fire a nuke at the base with the anti-nuke facility then quikly send an EMP from the Disruptor to neutralize the anti nuke so it does not fire. That way you can fire a nuke anywhere in the base as long as they do not have another anti nuke.