Delta Force
Illuminate at
Faction Illuminate
Location The Markon Delta on Gareth IX
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None Lethal Weapons

Campaign DetailsEdit

The Guardians have received a tip that a Cybran navy is passing through The Markon Delta on its way to delivering a shipment of weapons to one of their outposts on Gareth IX.

The Royal Guardians want you to sink the fleet and make the Cybrans believe the current Illuminate leadership is behind this attack.


Main Objectives
Objective Title Description Reward
1.0 Sink or Swim Destroy the incoming Cybran Armada.

An unmanned Cybran naval force is passing through the Markon Delta to deliver a shipment of weapons. You need to stop it.

  • Mission Completion
Secondary Objectives
Objective Title Description Reward
1.0 Ripped to Shreds Eliminate the Soul Ripper.

The Cybrans have brought along a Soul Ripper Experimental Gunship, and it's headed directly to your position. Knock it out of the sky before it knocks you out.

  • 3 Research Points
2.0 Research Technology

Use the Research Interface to complete the following technologies:

Hidden Objectives
Objective Title Description Reward
1.0 Blockhead Prevent the blockade from taking more than 25% damage.
  • Nothing


To complete this mission follow primary and secondary objectives. First off, the Cybran navy will only stop to attack the blockade you made, so simply wait with your starting land army near the blockade and when they stop, throw everything you have at them and your starting fistooshes should rip those Cybran tin cans to pieces in no time. I suggest building a few air factories and start to build up an air force, Capture all the defences ASAP as the Cybrans will keep going for the blockade and not stop to use thier range advantage against the defences so the Captured PDs will kill the ships rather quickly. The defences will get destroyed but on easy it should hold. When they start sending Command Class Aircraft Carriers, simply bomb it with the air force youve been building up and let your defences handel the Geminis, When they bring in the Soul Ripper, simply send all your air at it and it should die rather quickly.

The hidden objective requires you to monitor the blockade's health. If it dips below 75%, you have already failed. The Wilfindja and the Weedoboth are excellent choices for destroying any units that can threaten the blockade.

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