Death Nuke is the nuclear detonation that occurs when an ACU is destroyed. The explosion is nearly as deadly as a strategic missile and can damage friendly units.


  • Launching an Escape Pod will destroy the ACU body but not cause a nuclear explosion. If the Escape Pod is destroyed it is still capable of going nuclear.
  • The research Core Dump will prevent an ACU or Escape Pod from experiencing the nuclear explosion.
  • In a supremacy game, you can waltz your ACU into your unsuspecting opponents base and destroy a lot of his undeveloped base, costing him hundreds of mass and energy, as well as mex veterency. NOTE: THE DEATH NUKE DOES LESS DAMAGE THAN A NUKE, AND IS BEST UTILISED TO DESTROY YOUR OPPONENTS UNITS!!! What is the price you ask? You will lose 1 mass and 4 energy a second as well as a less mobile, tankier engineer that builds 50% faster, but could be sniped to destroy a chunk of your base at any time.

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