Hello, and a good day.

Cybran are one of the most formidable opponent that can quickly destory you in a swing, Filled with multi-role and mobile unit. Full Scale Cybran assault can decimate or completely annihilate your base with one stroke. but that's in another story. right now, i will give you another perspective on defending mainly as UEF because that is what they are good for. let's begin.....

1. The Cybran Navy

As known to all Supcom players, Cybran Navy are one of the most feared branch of the Cybran Forces. once they acquire the LEG capability, they can traverse any sea or land and worst by air in experimental transport. Their superior range make them deadly, their all round anti air defence turn them into a sole fighting branches. some player ignored the idea of creating land unit and rush to get naval upgrades earlier.

2. The Threat

Long Range, Higher Damage, and Health confirm the threat Cybran navy posses. their Battleship and Destroyer can pound enemy bases from afar, slowly decimating their economy and growth. continuos and unhindered attack from them will weaken their opponent base and soon be destroyed.

3. Possible Counter as UEF player

if you play using the "peace" timer, you will never know what will hit you until the timer ends. the naval rush might happen, or your enemy would use other strategy other than naval attack. thats the dilemma there. so best you choose proper possible method on dealing with your opponent and be prepared for anything that come. a static defense structure as PD and AA tower are still needed as usual. artillery though in large number still in-accurate to hit moving target. but depend on yourself. land fighting unit or fatboy minor experimental are also a good counter to the cybran tactic.

4. Best Possible counter and effective ( from my perspective and experience).

use your RP and unlock the AC 1000 a.s.a.p then continue to upgrade your air unit. if possible build 3 or more AC 1000 followed by bombers and gunships. build as many as yu think sufficient enought to counter the rush. AC 1000 will act as a tanker, while bomber will surgical strike on enemy one at a time (make faster kill) while the gunship will deal the dps.

      • Note: this tactic is to be applied when playing on island surround by water but the attack from the land. so naval unit may not be included. but if the map have larger water surrounding naval attack is necessary espesialy the tiger shark***

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