Cybran IntroductionEdit

Cybrans are one of three factions in Supreme Commander 2. They use fast firing lasers in their technology, resulting in a steady stream of damage dealt to enemy units. Cybran armies are fast and mobile, and they have a combo unit that functions as Anti Air, Anti Missile and a Portable Shield Generator (Adaptor). Their naval units can also traverse across land terrain if upgraded with "LEGS" technology. This means Cybran armies are diverse and multi-use, quickly adapting to any situation with minimal losses.

The Concept and Meaning of TurtlingEdit

To "Turtle" means to build or create defenses for a defensive purpose. This may be done by building a defence line, or defending with a existing army of Loyalists (Assault Bots).

The turtle method is constantly used on Free For All, where the player would defend and not attack at all, letting the other players wipe each other out, then suddenly attack with a large force that had been created by a few factories in his base while the other players were busy fighting each other. This would usaully result in a win, unless the other player had turtled as well and kept his army at his base, wiping out the attacking army then striking back with his originally defensive forces.

Turtling with the Cybran FactionEdit

Turtling with the Cybran faction is not advised, but is possible. This is because Cybran Point Defenses do slightly less damage then other faction PDs, and Cybran Shield Generators are only able to offer 8000 points of shielding, making it vunerable to the Illuminate Galactic Colossus as it can deal 1350 points of damage per second, making it able to penetrate a single Cybran shield in 6-7 seconds. Megalith IIs are able to compensate if placed behind the defence line to laser the Colossi as they come closer to the defence line, taking away the Colossi's health as it approches, making the job easier for the Point Defences.

Also along with using Megaliths to supplement existing defences you can use cybran sea units behind the wall (assuming LEGS is researched) and compensate for lack of fortified artillery. Or on larger maps its possible to set up cybran long range artillery and depending on map and where their range covers they can damage/wipe out approaching enemies heading to a point defense wall or through choke points, or just en route to your base period as the Cybran artillery does large area of effect damage.

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