Cybran Engie

Please bear in mind that this streategy will win you no friends - and takes around 5 minutes to pick up the necassary momentum. Once it gets going though there's no stopping it!

This takes advantage of the cybran engineers armor, turret and jump jet upgrade, and doesn't work effectively with other races.

Step 1 - Setup

At the start of the battle go through the usual 4x mass / energy setup, and build 2 land factories. Get these upgraded and pumping out a handful of engineers as quickly as possible, to go on a mad mass captuing spree. Once you've got the research dirth you'll want to unlock the ADV as well. If you're getting poked then either build a few turrets or capture the individual units with your engineers. This can take a bit of micromangement but the cybran engineer has a respectable amount of early game health. Once your econemy is on its feet you can move to the next step.

Step 2 - Get the Ball Rolling

Research and unlock the engineer turret addon. By this stage you should have both factories pumping out engineers and ADVs on a 2:1 ratio. If your econemy can handle it then set up more land factories and get them pumping out the same formula. By this stage you want crowds of 10 engineers and 5 ADVs wandering about making a nuiscance of themselves. With the particle cannons they're a fair match for most small units, and with extra armour and the ADVs they're tough to crack. If they start taking a pasting then just hit STOP and watch them repair one another while they blast away. Once the dust has cleared they'll start reclaiming the wreckage around them allowing you to build more engineers / ADVs. Any unguarded structures can also be captured at this point for added annoyance.

From this stage you want to research bonuses in the following order;

- Health / Repair rate

- Veterancy (to full)

- speed / Jump Jets

By now you should be ready to get a real rampage on. Send them forwards to keep pressure on the enemy base, with the engineers killing / capturing and reclaiming land units, and the ADVs watching thier back with shields, anti missile and AA. Be sure to micromanage at this stage to keep the dispersal of shields smooth as they have a tendancy to hide at the back.

If you come up against unpleasent structures like point defences, factories or artillery then get ready to smile. By judiscious use of the 'reclaim' command you can hoover up enemy strucutres faster than they could othwerwise be harmed. The best bit? It ignores shields and gaurantees a nice little mass payoff at the end. Set the lot of them on a reclaiming queue of an enemy base and they'll keep blasting away as they go, doubling thier deadliness.

Step 3 - The Coup De Grâce

By this stage you'll have silly amounts of mass coming in from the reclaiming efforts of your engineer horde - and will have kept building land factories / troops without letting a single drop of mass go to waste. If you have any spare it's a good idea to spam out a dozen or so power plants to keep the jump jets powered up.

Depending on your opponent there's a good chance that you'll have already waltzed in to thier base and murdered the AC. If the other player has somehow survived to the late game however and has experimentals wandering about then they're in for a real shock. While a galactic collossus can decimate 50 or so standard units, the good old 'reclaim' command will hoover them up alarmingly quickly. Many's the time I've had an opponent think they've caught me out by shoving a king kriptor down my throat, only to look on with horror as the humblest of units slurp it up like a mass filled milkshake. Once again this leads to more mass, and more mass = more engineers. The unit cap is probably feeling a little tight by now, so use your jump jets and bounce into your opponents base and finish off his AC. No matter how well guarded it is, if you've been using the reclaim command effectively throughout you'll be back up to strength in no time. If your units are starting to get a bit frayed around the edges, just hit STOP for a quick group repairing session before soldiering on. For an added bonus try jump jetting behind the base, and while the vast majority of your force pester the defences, set up a handful of factories to reinforce from the rear!


  • Late late late game, when all is nukes and collossi you may start to struggle. Get the units reclaming one another and use the mass to poop out monkeylords.
  • This all depends on a powerful offensive, and will leave you lacking at your home base. A skillfull rush can devaste if you're not on your guard.
  • A solid PD / AA wall can mess you up. Send a megalith to support from range by knocking a few out if you can spare the research.
  • You're relying on the ADVs for AA, which aren't the best. Experimental air will hurt a lot - but can be mitigated by using the STOP command to ensure that the engineers heal the ADVs and one another.

I hope that helps - this is my first article so I hope you'll be merciful :)

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