Corvana Chasm
This map is a medium-sized map, consisting of two platforms seperated by a large chasm. No players have the advantage early-game, because the only way to field land units is by use of air transports, which are not availible at game-start. Probably the most effecive units are Bombers, Fighters and Gunships. Bombers can bomb the enemy base, gunships can target enemy land units and fighters can engage enemy aircraft. It is guarunteed that the enemy will be using aircraft on this map, so don't even bother building anything other than anti-air turrets. There is about a 45% chance the enemy will be using a strategy that will involve transports carrying land units, so one or two PDs couldn't hurt. If you are a land-based player like me, use transports and if you are an air-based player, you must already know whis map like the back of your hand. If you are naval, you shouldn't even know this map exists. Anyway, experimental gunships like the AC 1000 or Soul Ripper II work great for this map, provided they are escorted with your favored faction's air-to-air fighters or gunships.

Nukes are also a fomidable strategy for this map, but I don't prefer them because they make the game too easy. Anyway, if you're a nuke type, build your nuke launcher or "Nuker" on one of the small plateaus within the chasm. That way the enemy will wonder where the nukes came from and be confused. Then when they scout your base they will assume one of the other players destroyed the nuker and cease to buld a defense silo. But watch out! I had the enemy nuke me several times using the same strategy.

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