Commander Coleman, or 'Nuke', is a very gruff UEF commander who is known to be Colonel Rodgers right-hand man throughout the UEF campaign. From his first appearance in Off Base, he shows a strong dislike for Maddox in stating that the operation they were in was for 'real men', thinking of himself as completely superior to many other commanders. After Maddox becoming rogue, Rodgers ordered Coleman to intercept Maddox at the Boolon Industrial Complex and 'terminate his command, with extreme prejudice'. He gladly accepted the chance to eliminate his rival. Coleman started his attack on Maddox by activating two abandoned Experimental Land Gantrys at the North and South side of the Industrial Complex which launched Fatboy II experimentals at Maddox, to which Maddox cleared out, and Sergeant Daxil re-programmed, to send Fatboy IIs at Coleman. This combined with Maddox's fine skill at commanding and Dr. Snyders research capabilities, led to Colemans downfall.

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