There is only one known model of command unit, the Armored Command Unit or ACU (though dialog in the campaign hints at there being other models of command unit). These units provide a commander with an extensible engineering, defense, and assault platform. They are also the only units known to be manned. In game, a given ACU represents the player controlling that army.

The ACU is the only unit on the battlefield capable of commanding an army, and is therefore (in Assassination mode) the most important unit on the battlefield. If destroyed in Assassination mode, the player's remaining units self-destruct, and the player loses the battle. The destruction of an ACU is typically the final objective of any major combat operation. In order to avoid the loss of the game along with your commander, an Escape Pod can be deployed manually which will protect the human inside and allow him to continue managing his army, and even rebuild the ACU body.

While the ACU is not the only unit deployed at a battle start, it has roughly twice the build rate of it's accompanying engineers and also produces a minimal amount of resources.

The ACU is a very effective early combat unit to fend off small unit attacks. It uses a fairly powerful weapon which can be upgraded through research to keep with the level of technology deployed to the battlefield, even researching an ability that gives them weaponry power over that of most Experimental units.

ACUs are also have numerous upgrades availible to them. These offer significant offense, defense, intelligence, stealth, economy or mobility upgrades. These upgrades cost research points like any other research.

While the ACUs are still amphibious, all maps are now designed so that they cannot travel far from shore. Thus, each ACU has an upgrade which allows it to cross medium-sized bodies of water.

Factional DifferencesEdit

Each faction maintains a separate ACU (the UEF ACU, the Cybran ACU, and the Illuminate ACU). Each one has a unique upgrade tree as well as look.

Changes from SC1Edit

At for the UEF and Aeon on Altair IV, ACUs are no longer teleported onto the battlefield through quantum networks, instead they are transported via conventional air transports. Ivan Brackman often uses his father's secret network of quantum gates throughout the campaign, which were outlawed at the end of the Infinite War. They also are not the only units to be able to upgrade anymore. They have more health, though their weapons have less power out of the gate relative to enemy unit health. 

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