Cybran Command Class
Command Class
Cybran icon ship air Aircraft Carrier
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Build Costs
Mass32 Energy32 Time32
400 900 60
Experience 750
7000 (+16/sec)
Speed -3 to 3 (Water)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 42
Water Vision: 64
Radar: 64
Sonar: 64
Research Info
5 Research32
? Research32
Unlocked By ?
Unlocks ?
Weapon: Disintegrator Pulse Laser x 3
Direct Fire - Projectile
DPS 60
Projectile  Damage
Salvo Size
Reload time
1 Projectiles (in 0.1 s)
2.5 seconds
Range 50

The Command Class Aircraft Carrier is a Cybran naval unit. Its main role is to manufacture, store, and launch air-units - essentially acting as a mobile air-factory. It also produces units at two thirds of their normal cost. Considering that this unit can go on land with the Cybran LEGS technology, it can also act as a mobile air factory on land. Although the Command Class does have somewhat powerful guns but no anti-air, it is not reccomended to put this unit into battle, because when the Command class is destroyed, so are all of the planes inside of it.


  • Given its ability to move, a good strategy is to place 1-2 Aircraft Carriers to the edge of the map where they won't be detected and mass produce units. Opponents who scout your base and find no Air-Factories may not build adequate air defense against your surprise Air-Force. You will probably need more Command Class Aircraft Carriers or acompany them with engineers as they only get verancy from fighting and therefore will always make planes at that same painfully slow rate of a fresh unassisted air factory.
  • Though able to walk on land, the Aircraft Carrier is best reserved for unit production as its weapons are somewhat insignificant due to thier short ranges.
  • Produced units will not launch until the explicit unload command is given. Any units still onboard when it is destroyed will be lost. For rapid launch, give the command on top of the unit; this will cause all aircraft to launch immediately.
  • Produces units at half the cost but at the same speed as an Air Factory. (Added in Patch)