Colonel Rodgers

Colonel Alex Rodgers is a veteran UEF patriot who rose through the ranks with his powerful, commanding attitude and hard-working determination. Rodgers only appears in the UEF campaign, and is your leader until the 4th mission. During the first 3 UEF missions, he sends you to engage Commander Gauge, or protect what Commander Gauge is attacking, but he doesn't know who the Cybran is. At the end of Off Base, he states that you 'really impressed him' with the minor victory over Gauge. Though, at the end of Strike While Cold, he orders Maddox to attack New Cathedral, the colony on which Maddox's wife, Annika, resides. This information fuels' Rodgers' dislike for Maddox, because of his marriage to an Illuminate.This is the point where Maddox goes rogue and makes his way to New Cathedral to stop any UEF attacks on it. After defeating Coleman and Lynch, Maddox heads to the Coalition Command Center to kill Rodgers for his tyranny. After taking over the base of fallen Commander Greer, Maddox successfully kills Rodgers by destroying the Reactor Core to the Generation IX reactor, powering the Coalition Command Center, creating a nuclear explosion. Little does Maddox know, that the Generation IX reactor was 'pumping out way more energy than is needed for the base itself' because it was also powering the defensive shield, protecting the portal to Shiva Prime

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