Commander Coleman was a UEF commander under the command of Colonel Rodgers on Altair ll. He fought alongside Commander Dominic Maddox while hunting down a Cybran commander that previously attacked a communication centre. After Maddox found and drove off the enemy commander, he was sent to attack the Illuminate city New Cathedral on Rodgers' orders, but was ordered again to intercept Maddox when he attempted to reach the city. That was the last battle he fought in, however, as Maddox had no choice since Coleman already made his, and was killed by the commander.

He had an overconfident personality and a feeling of superiority, as he thought of Maddox as being an incapable battle commander.

He was one of many that sided with Rodgers in the extermination of Illuminate Civilians.

His dying words just consisted of a violent, suprised scream.

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