This is a similar map to the final UEF mission. Most players begin at locations spread out in a winding path, and one player begins at the top. There is an extreme amount of mass deposits at the top players location, making it ideal for a quick base maker who can provide support to his team or splitting the mass between them as there are around 30 mass deposits.
Coalition Command Centre

Birds Eye View Map of Coalition Command Centre.


This basically means what you can do with the map to make it fun if it becomes bland and stale. One such gamemode is to let one player build his forces and defenses as the other players simply lounge around. Then after an agreed amount of time has passed, the other players jump into action, building their bases in hurry for fear of being attacked by the solo team first. Some potential rules are:

1: The solo player cannot spam nukes once the timelimit has passed.

2: Nukes cannot be used for a further 20 minutes after the timelimit has passed.

3: Have fun and I'll update this page when something new turns up.

Known issues Edit

When playing vs. AI, the AI will move attacking units to the starting location of the closest player considered an enemy. If that player decides to reposition themselves and build elsewhere (such as moving to the north-east location to build a joint base with a friend), then the AI will simply amass units where the players base would normally have been, and will not move them from there.

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