The overall campaign element of Supreme Commander 2 (excluding the tutorial) is split into three sections based upon the three factions; UEF, Illuminate and Cybran. Within each faction-based section, the player takes command of an ACU from the respective faction; Dominic Maddox, Thalia Kael, Ivan Brackman. Each campaign is progressively unlocked in a sequential order, by completing the previous campaign's main objectives in the relevant faction.

The campaign maps themselves consist of a segment from the main Storyline, mandatory main objectives, optional secondary objectives and some additional hidden objectives.

Campaign ScoringEdit

On the completion (or failure) of a campaign, the player receives a numerical game score, an overall 'star medal'-based ranking out of five, alongside a breakdown of separate star-based ranks in select game criteria. The criteria assessed throughout each campaign are;

  • Time; how quickly the player completed the campaign objectives.
  • Combat; speculated to be based on the overall number of units produced, destroyed, lost.
  • Research; the amount of research completed.
  • Objectives; speculated to be based on the completion of all primary and secondary objectives.

A five 'star-medal' overall ranking, can still be obtained without completing the hidden objectives.

Campaign StorylineEdit

Below is a list of the available campaign maps in Supreme Commander 2, noted in order of availability and sorted by the relevant faction.

UEF Illuminate Cybran
  1. Prime Target
  2. Off Base
  3. Strike While Cold
  4. Titans of Industry
  5. Factions or Family Plan
  6. End of an Alliance
  1. Delta Force
  2. Lethal Weapons
  3. Back on the Chain Gang
  4. Steamed
  5. Cliff Diving
  6. Prime Time
  1. Fact Finder
  2. The Trouble With Technology
  3. The Great Leap Forward
  4. Gatekeeper
  5. Surface Tension
  6. The Final Countdown

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