UUX0103UEF C-230 Star King Extreme
Uef transport
Uef icon experimental generic Experimental Air Transport
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Build Costs
Mass32 Energy32 Time32
375 1925 110
Experience 1500
10000 (+48/sec)
Speed 0 to 15 (Air)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 32
Research Info
6 Research32
14 Research32
Unlocked By Transport Capacity
Unlocks Air Fortress
Weapon: Nanodart Launcher x 2
Anti Air - Missile
DPS 27
Missile  Damage
Rate of Fire
3 Missiles/s
Range 32
Weapon: Hells Fury Riot Gun x 4
Direct Fire - Projectile
DPS 35
Projectile  Damage
Damage radius
Rate of Fire
1 Projectile/s
Range 32
Weapon: Air Crash
Damage radius

The C-230 Star King Extreme Experimental Air Transport is a UEF minor experimental unit. It is an air transport, which can store 75 non-experimental units. It is able to transport land based experimentals and ACUs. ACUs count as 15 units. Minor Experimentals count as 30 units. Major Experimentals count as 50 units.

It has no defense that suffices to deal with anything stronger than the weakest air units, but it's speed is extreme, which balances well against it's weakness together with the ability to take alot of damage, enabling it to rush into a enemy base, dropping off it's passengers and pelt it away from most aircraft. It's rapid-firing SAMs should allow it to pick off weakened  enemy fighters.

This aircraft's ability to hold 75 non-experimental units makes it deadly in ranged combat, and should not be underestimated if you are facing one. It takes lots of AA and air-to-air to take it down, so don't expect it to fall before it drops off its load.

If you are the one using this aircraft, you are in luck. The only problem might be to find 75 units to fill it with. That's where the Experimentals come into play. A good strategy is to load one of these with a King Kriptor or maybe even two Fatboy IIs, and escort it with 6 wasps, four bombers, and have two other C18 Star Lifters carrying units beside it. Then have the transports unload the units and stuck with them until they win, and bam! You have a deadly force.

Your enemy will not know if you have an Experimental on tow unless they see one at your base waiting to be loaded into the transport, so try to keep scouts out if you want to keep your power a secret. If a scout does indeed see your base, immediately load up the experimental and drop it at the base, because that will not let your enemy build a million units in a frenzy to protect their base. If you don't have the transport yet and it needs to be built, expect a very long fight that may or may not turn bitter.


  • The weapons equipped to this unit are of minimal strength, and should be escorted (with Wasps and/or Eagle Eyes) if you expect it to come under fire.
  • Great to use with the Noah Unit Cannon for a fast land base rush. Use in par with other transports for maximum results.
  • AA Ambush:  Load up AA units and deploy them when under attack.
  • It has alot of hitpoints, making it far more efficient and durable than normal transports for drops into a hot LZ.
  • Use it's speed to your advantage. The C-230 Star King Extreme is around 2x faster than the C18 Star Lifter Air Transport. With a waypoint attached it can very quickly leave and enter a front line without exposing itself to anti-air defences for too long.
  • Use it to quickly transport Experimental Units to where you need them.
  • With the DLC the C-230 gains the ability to transport naval units. Use this to transport naval units between unconnected bodies of water and/or surprise your enemy by dropping them beyond range of defenders.

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