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This unit was included with the Infinite War Battle Pack One DLC.

The Buhbledow Experimental Shield Destroyer is a minor Illuminate experimental building. The Buhbledow fires an artillery-like/nuke-like shell (resembles the Illuminate's nuclear missile) that temporarily disables all shield structures (including Aegis).

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This structure requires 2400 energy in order to be charged to disable an ordinary shield structure, and 3200 energy to disable the Aegis shield generator (UEF). Unfortunately, it cannot disable unit shields.

Due to Aeon's range limitations as they do not have any artillery type weapon (over range of 500),they are always forced to be on the offensive.The Shield Disruptor could greatly soften well defended base as all structure shields are shutdown completely,with the exception of Aegis which would take seconds to take down.This allows success rate of attacks on base to increase by up to 80% as shields are one of the most annoying structures in the game.

This unit's bizarre name probably comes from a few things. Buhbledow is probably a slur of the words 'bubble' and 'down.' Bubble probably refers to the spherical nature of Supreme Commander shields, and Down refers to the unit's ability to disable them, or take them down. Thus, Buhbledow.

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