Buhbledow is an Illuminate experimental unit designed to temporarily drop enemy shields. It functions like a nuclear missile launcher, constructing an EMP projectile and then allowing you to launch it at any location on the map. They explode with a radius similar to a Nuclear Missile, but do not significantly harm structures, instead completely dropping any shields it hits. The shields must then recharge normally, temporarily exposing their base. The cost per missile is also comparable to a Nuclear Missile.


  • Buhbledow is most likely short for "Bubble Down". This relates to the shape of shields,(a bubble) and that it can take them down.
  • It is probably based off the Absolver from Supreme Commader vanilla. It was a "Shield Disolver".
  • If you have tech, or allies from other factions with Long Range Artillary, this can make huge openings in the enemy defenses.
  • It can only hold one EMP at a time, so multiple will be required for extended and widespread shield destruction.

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