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This unit was included with the Infinite War Battle Pack One DLC.

Boomerang Nuke Redirector : This Cybran structure is placed in a base to defend against nukes. When incoming nukes get in range, they are reprogrammed and sent back to their origin. It has a low rate of fire and can be overwhelmed. Redirected nukes spoof enemy Anti-Nukes, making this a deadly structure to overlook when scouting for Nuke targets.

In order to counter the boomerang, you should do two simple things. First, have up to date intel. You can't do anything about it if you can't see it. Second, consider building you nuclear missile silos in remote locations. This is never a bad idea anyway. Good options for this are near outlying mass extractors. This way, you can erect a shield and a small handful of point defenses around both the mass extractor AND the nuke silo, without having to build separate defenses for each. With your nuke silos placed well away from your base, most of the risk posed by the boomerang is neutralized because your nuke will be sent back to the specific silo it was fired from. If using multiple silos, this also means your various silos will have separate flight paths, lessening the chance that your opponent, boomerang or not, has a way to shoot your missiles down from all angles. On maps such as Iskellian Coast, placing a silo on one of the islands is incredibly effective. Your opponent will most likely place their anti-nuke systems in a position to block missiles fired from your base, not from the island. You can double your fun with this tactic by placing long-range artillery on the islands as well.


  • The Boomerang Nuke Redirecter can easily be overwhelmed. It can only redirect 5 nukes so its best to build multiple Boomerangs in an area to insure that your base is safe.(Red Storm)

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