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The Boomerang Experimental Nuke Defense is a structure from the Infinite War Battle Pack One DLC.

Unlike traditional 'hard-kill' nuclear defense sites, the Boomerang employs a 'soft-kill' measure to incoming ICBMs. When a nuke enters its effective range, it reprograms its targeting data, redirecting it back to the source.

This structure is incredibly dangerous if ACUs are content with launching nukes as any sent back will be ignored by former-allied nuclear defenses, resulting in serious consequences for not paying attention.

While the potential damage, the Boomerang can cause, it can easily be overwhelmed by sending in more than 5 missiles to ensure destruction.

Strategies Edit

  • Building a Boomerang is a surprising dirty tactic when the enemy starts launching nukes your way. Expect them to get a taste of their own medicine as they watch their own ICBMs come straight back.
  • It also acts as a deterrant and forcing the enemy to employ conventiental means to take it out so be sure it is well sited within defenses.
  • Defending against a Boomerang means placing Nuclear silos on the outskirts of your base, well away from it. Doing so allows you to safely launch ICBMs enough to return to remote areas.
  • The Boomerang Nuke Redirecter can easily be overwhelmed. It can only redirect 5 nukes so its best to build multiple Boomerangs in an area to insure that your base is safe.(Red Storm)