This map is a 6-player FFA on PC, and a 4-player FFA on Xbox. It is very strategic, requiring players to fully consider their strategy before actually doing anything. If you want a hard, long-paced battle than this must be yor favorite map, and if it isn't, this is the map for you. It has lots of bridges and plateaus, making every army except naval count and be important.

This map is mostly seperated into north and south, with three bases on the south and three bases on the north. If you play Xbox, each corner has a base in it. Also if you play Xbox, the plateau where a different base would be on Comp makes for an excellent firebase to attack the army in the other corner. The fourth UEF campaign mission Titans of Industry took place here, except two islands didn't exist on that mission. As for a skirmish map, this map is greatly tactical for air-oriented playes and strategic for land-playes, considering each army's speed. As for naval and sea units, there can't be any because this map simply has no water.

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