Base stealing.Edit

This is a strategy that can be done to the almost pure frustration of the enemy, as it claims their base rapidly.

UEF is prefferable because you can quickly get to air transport with reasearch points, getting Air transport is the basis of the plan.

Take Tourney Dome for instance, (if you have the DLC) or Setons Clutch if you dont.

Once you get an air transport, ( after 4 mass, 2 enery, and an Air factory) put 5 or more engineers into the transport (ACU rush can also be done if you upgrade the capacity) and send them over. Quickly build a PD with each of the engineers near their mass to take that out quickly,build 1-2 air PD's depending on the situation. then after the light mass is gone, move the engineers to capture all the other buildings, this is permenantly give the player a crutch for the rest of the game as he should have practically no mass income. Soon, build a land factorie and continue capturing and defending till you have pretty much just won the game.

I will be adding more when I have more time.

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