The Atlantis Ambush StrategyEdit

This Strategy is quite simple. Move an Atlantis II (while Submerged) to a enemy base then build bombers and/or Gunships in it. Then Surface and launch all of its air units at the base, Submerge and Repeat. However remember that the Atlantis II only holds 25 aircraft, which may not be enough to substantially damage an enemy base.

Also, unlike the SC1 version, the Atlantis II has very powerful Gauss cannons. If you are attacking a rather weak position (outlying Mass Extractors with litte or no defenses come to mind) it may be better to allow your Atlantis II to remain surfaced and aid your bombers/gunships by shelling the position. This can work especially well if your opponent has placed several AA turrets but no land defense - let the Atlantis II destroy the turrets before launching your bombers. That all said, use care if you leave the Atlantis II surfaced - it didn't get those Gauss Cannons for free, and now lacks AA.

How to do itEdit

  1. Build a Atlantis II
  2. Move to enemy base while underwater
  3. Build bombers and/or Gunships
  4. Surface
  5. Launch all air units at the base
  6. Submerge
  7. Build more air units
  8. Go to step 4 and repeat

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