The Anti Matter Artillery is a standard UEF indirect fire weapon.

It has an elongated square barrel, like a typical artillery launcher.

Some Anti Matter Artillery Projectiles

Where can it be found?Edit

The Anti Matter Artillery can be found on the Demolisher, King Kriptor, Urchinow, and the Jackhammer.

What does it do?Edit

Indirect Fire - Like all artillery weapons, the launcher has a high trajectory, making it ineffective against moving units. When the projectile is descending, it splits to form a cluster of projectiles which

The shell splitting into smaller projectiles

deal splash damage to nearby units from the point of impact. This weapon can be used well when escorted by units with direct fire weapons, raining down shells on enemy units. The Anti Matter Artillery is mildly effective against structures, but can only deal serious damage in large numbers and due to the fact that it is mounted on a unit, it has a relatively small range and most point defences and units could destroy it before it got into firing range of a base. However when used against enemy tank/unit formations this unit can be devastating.

The Anti Matter Artillery Launcher is circled on this UEF Demolisher