The Air Defense Tower is a structure common to all 3 factions providing basic stationary anti-air defense. Unlike the more homologous Point Defense towers, each faction's Anti-Aircraft tower features different Damage per Shot, Rate of Fire and Accuracy compared to its cousins.

The UEF Anti-Air Tower sports the lowest damage but compensates with accuracy and health, being most effective against fighter/bombers and difficult to destroy without the help of ground forces. The Cybran Anti-Air Tower is the opposite, placing emphasis on high damage makes it perfect for defending more robust structures against harassment. The Aeon Anti-Air Tower has a balanced design with average damage and health.

Upgrades set apart the performance of the individual faction towers even further. While the UEF does not have any dedicated upgrades for its defences, the weapon upgrades for mass extractors and research stations in combination with the engieering suite for energy generators can help improve the survivability of nearby defenses. The Cybran rate of fire upgrade further improves its damage output, making it almost twice as powerful as its UEF counterpart; with the use of the self destruct upgrade/ability, the Cybran Anti-Air Tower can actually be utilized to defend against ground units in an emergency. With powerdetonating it can also damage gunships flying over it. Aeon Towers benefit greatly from the Chrome Shield upgrade, boosting their health slightly beyond that of their UEF equivalent and giving them a very powerful shield health regeneration.

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